Sunday, February 4, 2007

Swimming in North Dakota

We had a Super Bowl Party tonight. We had a great group, over 30 came. Lots of pizza too.

I have to admit, it felt strange putting on my bathing suit while it was snowing (just flurries, but snow none the less) outside. But since Jody told everyone that there was swimming at the party, Silas HAD to swim. It was great. The pool was warm. Its scary though, Hattie and Silas are both too brave. Hattie would just jump in with out a floaty. Silas knows he can swim, even though he can't.

We got home way past bedtime, my kids ate WAY too many "snacks". But they fell asleep practically on the way to the pillow and we had a great day.

Go Colts.

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