Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Traffic in Bismarck

So it snowed 4 inches this morning. That accumulated on top of what was already here, and it was so beautiful. Life goes on here when it snows. I still had to get out of the door in time to get Silas to school at 8:45. Obviously I didn't allot enough time, since he was 5 minutes late. But hey, cut me some slack, I've never driven in the snow, and its hard. My van just doesn't want to get up and go in the snow.

Anyway. I dropped Silas off, took Hattie and Luke to the child watch while I took a class (all at the Y) and worked out. Then I had to go to the store, so I took Hattie and Luke. We came back to get Silas, and the poor little guy was the last one there in the class. I hate that. But again, I didn't allot enough time to get back to the Y.

So, then we had to drop off a DVD at the library. The trip home from the library should take me like 9 minutes. Granted, there is never traffic here. Something I absolutely love about it here. But not today. I was stuck in a LONG line of traffic. Like, I waited thru one light 4 times. All caused by...the SNOW PLOW.

Isn't that funny? I thought so. I eventually was directly behind the snow plow, almost as if he was escorting me home. It was interesting, I've never been that close to a snow plow.

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Jerre said...

i just typed a really long comment but mom somehow messed it up so this one is gonna be shorter and to put it in a nutshell school is good, baseball is good, and my algebra teacher is slow (mentally)

avery jones