Thursday, February 8, 2007

boys vs girl

I'm no dummy(thanks Avery, I'm no "dumby" but I am a bad speller, Jody tell s me that all the time). I know girls and boys are different. But I've always been the type of girl that felt like I could do it just as good as any boy. And still the fact remains that I can do it a lot better than a boy. Of course this depends on what "it" is and who the boy is.

I know Silas and Hattie are still little, but man, can I see HUGE difference already. I never had a brother. My poor dad was so outnumbered in our house. Girls just ruled.

Today we took care of these 2 little boys. They are brothers, the older one is in Silas's class. Poor Hattie was outnumbered. It was funny to see them play with different things. For instance, Hattie's little grocery cart became a car to the younger boy, almost 2, just like Hattie. Hattie went up to him and said, NO, buy choc milk.

While the boys ran around shooting eachother, crashing cars, and cramming eachother into this big box, Hattie just did her own thing. She played with her babies, checked on what the boys were doing, and kept bringing me ponytail holders to fix her hair with.

Meanwhile, Luke happily rolled around on the floor. He is pushing up on his knees now. It won't be long before he's going to be into Silas and Hattie's stuff.


Karen said...

Now you know why 95% of our toys are superglued together:)

Jerre said...

you spell dummy d-u-m-m-y not dumby