Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Who needs dogs?

Now I love dogs. We had 3 dogs in Uganda and I really really miss them. Especially Moosie, our Jack Russell. When we get settled into a house, we are planning on getting a dog.

But at this point in my life, I don't need a dog...I have 3 kids. We live in a small apartment. It's butt-cold outside. (I really wish our exclamation point button worked)

Luke is the type of baby that enjoys being on the floor for periods of time. He likes to roll back and forth and grab things. Yesterday he was on the floor for like 45 minutes. When I picked him up, he had blue marks on his face. I was talking to my sister Holly and I was like, I have NO idea how he got these marks on his face. Of course I concluded that Silas or Hattie must have gotten a hold of a blue marker or crayon or something.

Then today in my straightening up, I pulled this ad from the newspaper this weekend from up under the book shelf. I was like, what in the world happen to this. Then it hit me, Luke's blue marks MUST have come from this ad. It looks like a puppy has been in here, but no...just a kid.

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