Thursday, February 1, 2007

Like Father Like Son

Today we had our parent-teacher conference with Silas's teachers. It went really well. He is very social, he floats from person to person talking and playing. He is almost always the last child to get dressed after swim class because he has just been talking while others are getting dressed. Then when he finally does get dressed, he says to the teacher (everytime) I was FAST. He lacks respect for personal space (thanks to our Ugandan friends). But they said we should register him for junior kindergarten in the fall.

While away in South Dakota, Jody got a lot of studying done. We were talking about the video he's going to make, asking people about love. Here's how it went...
Emily:oh, are you doing a 2 part Valentine's thing?
Jody : no, just one.
Emily: just 2 weeks early?
Jody :no, Valentines is next week.
Emily:NO, its not. Do you know what the date of Valentines' is?
Jody : No
Emily: Its the same date every year, you don't know what that is?
Jody: No
Emily: Feb 14
Jody: Oh, well, I prepared for the following week too, so I will just switch them up.

Now these 2 things may not seem related to you, so let me explain. Both Silas and Jody are oblivious to time, dates, etc. Both would rather talk to people than do something like say get dressed or move on to the next appointed thing. (I don't have to help Jody get dressed, but I do wish he could do it faster) Neither Silas or Jody know when Valentines day is, but they are always up for a great celebration/party/socialization.

They are so different from me. Sometimes this is frustrating, but other times, fun and sweet. I know both of them put people first, not projects or tasks. They help me in this area. Always look out for new people to be friends with.

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