Sunday, February 25, 2007

Great Sunday

Thanks SO much, those of you who have been praying for Luke. Today, he was like a different baby. NO fever, lots of smiles. Praise the Lord.

We were commissioned at Hoffmantown Church. Jody made a little blunder when he said "thank you for giving to Lottie Moon...I mean Annie Armstrong". Whoops.

I was confirming our flight for tomorrow and got a big scare. The flight number I was given was apparently wrong. I was told it was canceled. You know I was freaking out, like, I HAVE to get home to my babies. But, no biggie. It was the wrong number. We are set to arrive back in Bismarck by lunch time, before naptime for Silas and Hattie. I can't wait.

Hattie's 2nd birthday is on Tuesday. She keeps saying, Dat my buday. We are planning a little party Tuesday night. All just in time for Jody to head BACK out to Atlanta for another thing of meetings. But, at least he'll get to go to Hawkinsville to hang out with his family. I hate that we couldn't swing it to be there too. Oh well.

I added a new feature to my blog. I'm not sure if I did it right. But if you'd like to subscribe to my blog, getting updates to check it by email, click on the new link on the right. Subscribe reader. Let me know if it works or not.

We are getting ready to eat dinner with our new friends at FUDRUCKERS. Mmmmmmmmm. I want a milkshake...


Darren said...

So sorry we couldn't make it to Fuddruckers (I can spell that faster than I can say it!!) It was great meeting you guys... we look forward to hooking up again! :-)

The BBR King

Joe Outlaw said...

Jody messed up only because he was still focused on telling everyone how HOT (if Dr. Fish can say it so can I) his wife is from the pulpit!

It was GREAT meeting you guys and I am so thankful that you have answered His call in Bismark.

remind Jody that the names I gave him for lay leadership help are John and Judy Boyle. Super couple, even though they are old (40ish) like me.

Blessings to you and your family. I liked the pics!

In Him-

Joe Outlaw