Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back to the Monotony

Even though my life consists of things like macaroni and cheese, diapers and carseats, its rarely monotonous.

Last night, I was so tired. Jody was packing for Atlanta. My skin is SO dry, I grabbed a little bottle of lotion. As I was lathering it on, I commented 2 or 3 times how much I loved the smell of the lotion. I looked at the bottle to see what the scent was, and it was hair conditioner. LOL. But my skin isn't so dry today.

Jody left this morning at 6:45. No delays, even though it is snowing all day.

As I was getting myself and the kids ready to go to MOPS, Luke fell off my bed. See an earlier post to see a pic of the bed Jody and my dad made. Its pretty high up, so a long fall for Lukey. I felt awful.

MOPS was great. I really look forward to going. My table was in charge of bringing breakfast. I made a sourcream pound cake last night, after Hattie's party to bring. I got really mad, as I was getting the cake out of the bundt, it broke. So, it looked ugly, but it did get eaten. It was really good, if I do say so myself.

When we got home from MOPS, there was SO much snow in our parking lot, I couldn't get in my garage. Our van just can't make it in the snow. I got stuck and couldn't go forward or backwards. I was about to call AAA, when I rolled a little. I parked the van, leaving the kids watching a DVD (Luke was sleeping). I borrowed my neighbor Megan's snow shovel. She always leaves her garage up. I had to shovel a big area b/tw my garage and where I was parked. Thankfully, I was able to pull in.

At lunch, I had to preform the Heimlich maneuver on Hattie. She jammed her jaws full of raisins. She was coughing then she quit and just got bugged eyed. Whew. I freaked out, grabbed her, squeezed her, beat her on the back, squeezed some more, and then she started breathing again.

Silas has been SO well behaved lately. I'm so thankful. Since tomorrow is March first, Silas is REALLY looking forward to his birthday.

I may need an early start tomorrow in order to get OUT of the garage and get Silas to school in time. He has a dinosaur party tomorrow. YOu know a kid can't miss that.


Jerre said...

I love the conditioner/lotion idea! And I'm glad that Hattie survived the choking incident. Love you lots!!!

Darren said...

Wow... eventful day! Don't think I could pull off your and Keda's job! :-)

Jed said...

Stopped by to read today and no Thursday post...I hope all the snow is getting in your way....I checked the weather in your area this morning on I sure could use another snow day here...send it my way!