Wednesday, December 27, 2006


A Nodak is a person from North Dakota. And we are learning a new dialect here. Its very funny sometimes.

In Uganda they spoke English, but man was it different. Its not THAT different here, but there are some interesting things.

The pink stuff above your teeth, GUMS. Here, pronounced GOOMS. Jody asked someone one day, why don't you say chewing GOOM. No answer.

FOR prefaces many adjectives. They see Luke and say, oh, for sweet. Or for cute or for funny. Where did that come from??

A bag, any kind, is pronounced BAiG (long A sound). THis drives Silas crazy. He corrects his teachers. He told me, I tried to tell my teacher that this is a book bag not a book baig! I told him he didn't need to correct his teachers.

Theres more. I can't think of them now.

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