Thursday, December 7, 2006

Butt Cold

My sister-in-law, Jerre, asked me the other day if it was 'butt-cold'. (She by the way is an awesome friend, and a great mother of 4!!) I've never know what butt-cold was. But now, I can tell you.

Some kinds of cold just makes your hands and nose cold. Some times its so cold you shiver. But butt-cold is when your BUTT is cold. Ok, its that cold here in Bismarck this week. Poor Hattie, she can't walk when its cold and windy. It would be funny if I wasn't already lugging Big Luke in his carseat. When the wind blows it takes his breath away.

So imagine this. We get to our apt building, its like 3 degrees (seriously! that is what it is as I write this) and I have 3 kids in carseats to get inside. I will just leave the groceries in the car, its cold enough to keep the milk for days. It takes us like 10 minutes to get out of the car and up to the door to the building! We have a garage, but that's like 10 more minutes to get out of the car, lift up the door, get back in the car, pull it in, get the kids out, close the door and then go up to the building.

Well, my wonderful sweet husband and our friend Ryan Bell, found a good deal on a garage door opener yesterday and decided to surprise me with it. Such wonderful intentions!

You have to know Jody. He's come a looooooooooooong way in his handiman skills. He said living in Uganda was a steep learning curve. But it was more like a cliff. (I can't take credit for that, Buck Hill put it that way. It hits me funny!) However, he's no guru. I want to say Martha Stewart, but she doesn't do garage doors anyway. And if she did, Jody wouldn't want to be compared to her.

So, last night, Jody and Ryan stay out in the garage for I don't know how long. Hours. Like at least 4. In the BUTT-Cold! When they finally came in, their toes were so cold, they couldn't even warm up right away.

Then they went back out this morning to finish it, in the 3 degree weather. Its still not installed fully. Ryan is leaving in a couple of hours. But sometimes its good to walk away from a project for a while and come back ready to start again. At least his toes will be warm to start with.

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Jerre said...

I am glad it's not "butt" cold here. I really think your life is a comedy, it could probably even be a sitcom. You should think about contacting someone in Hollywood, maybe Chris Donovan.