Saturday, December 30, 2006

I hate the Grand Theater and Papa John's

I really hate the Grand Theater here in Bismarck and Papa John's online ordering. The following is a terrible story.

We planned a date night. I got a baby sitter for Silas and Hattie, who are feeling a lot better today. I decided we'd take Luke with us. There are several reasons why I decided this. One is he's a perfect baby. He wouldn't make a peep. He's a nursing baby. I don't give him formula and I don't really pump. And the other reason is my babysitter would be pretty overwhelmed with all 3 kids. I mean come on, I am!!!

So we braved the snow, bought our tickets, found our seats and started watching the previews. Then this woman came up to us, squatted down in front of us and said, I'm sorry, but we have a policy about no babies under 2 years old in a movie that is PG 13 or R. They are considered noisemakers. Ok.

We got up and walked out. I was SO sad. Then we stopped at the ticket counter and Jody asked to speak to the manger. The kid at the counter said, WHY? He'll just tell you what we are telling you. Jody said, b/c I want to speak to the manager. They went back and forth for a minute or so. JOdy was getting mad.

The manager came out and Jody said, we don't see that this policy is printed anywhere. How should we know we can't bring a baby in here? He said it is posted out on the window outside. (the ticket counter is inside, I guess b/c of the weather). The manager also said, I think you misunderstood the guy at the ticket counter. He wasn't being rude. Anyway...I could go on. It was awful.

We saw the sign. In a very hard to see place, in very small type on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper, was this: Babys in arms are not permitted into the theater. Please do not bring children to movies that are not appropriate for them. They are considered noisemakers.

Ok. Fine. I understand policies. I understand that exceptions can't be made for even a perfect baby like Luke. My 2 problems are:

1. A strictly nursing baby??
2. The policy needs to be in a more prominent place.

We went to eat supper with Luke who didn't make a peep. It continued to snow...

Well, its gets worse (I know this is a long post, but I'm still steaming)

I figured out I could order pizza online with Papa Johns. Choose the time to be delivered and everything. Good coupon deals online too. Well, I thought I had figured it out, but apparently I didn't do it right.

When I got home, my kids had not had supper. They had eaten candy and watched TV they whole time we were gone. Oh, and meanwhile, JOdy was stuck in the snow in the car, I just walked in. It took him a long time to get the babysitter home and get back, b/c he got stuck again.

Not that my babysitter was bad. Shes a great girl. My kids love her. I just feel like, ugh. No supper. Movies and candy?? I limit my kids on movies and candy like a Nazi.

OH well.

I am planning on writing a letter to the theater. I"d like to send it to the 0wners, but I can't find that info yet.

We have about 10inches of snow as of 9:30 and another possible 4-6 overnight. SO, church is canceled. We can't get in and out of our driveway. The side roads aren't being plowed b/c the main roads keep getting covered.

I guess Silas will get his snowman tomorrow.

Sorry this post is so long.


Jerre said...

I swear this sound like an episode of "Everybody loves Raymond", I know it wasn't funny when it was happening but I'm sure if it was CBS on Monday night it would be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I have read and re-read this, why are you mad at Papa John's?