Monday, December 25, 2006

A full day of fun

Well, its over.

Whew!! What a day.

Actually, I had to go get the kids, I was so excited. By 7:30 when I could hear Silas singing in his room, I just went in there.

So it took us a LONG time to open all the presents. The kids are at the cute age of enjoying the presents they open, not just going on to the next one. Hattie LOVED the kitchen, shopping cart and baby with stroller. Silas just loved it all. Going from thing to thing. Luke actually played with a couple of his toys. That's a first, since he doesn't usually pay attention to much other than me.

After nap time, we all went to see Charlotte's Web. IT was so good. Silas loved it every second. He never even looked away. His favorite part was "when Charlotte died". He's such a morbid boy. He loves to talk about death. Hattie watched the first half without moving. Then she got a little restless . But she did stick with the whole thing. She was so funny, talking to the movie screen. "I see pig", "Look, horsey", "Night-night pig", etc. Luke just napped thru it.

Oh, the funniest part was during the previews.

Let me preface this. We have a DVD player in the van. We are having some problems with it right now. It just stops during movies. Obviously the reaction when this happens, by me and Silas, is something to the effect of "Oh SHOOT". I say this because during the previews, when one would be over and the screen would go blank for second, hattie would shout out, OH SHOOT!


Well, we had a great Christmas overall. We really missed our families. It was hard being this close, this year (compared to Uganda the last 3), and still not being able to spend Christmas with any of our family. Oh well. It was a good day in all.

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