Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I was so MAD

Don't know if you remember (or currently read) any Mercer Meyer books. We love them here at our house. The Little Critter ones. THere's one called I Was SO Mad. Ooh, that's me today.

I had good intentions. My parents are hard to buy for, for Christmas. You know, what do they need? (What do I need, for that matter?) BUt what would they like? Well, my parents are coffee drinkers. Dunkin Donuts is their favorite. Plain, not flavored. Whole beans, so they can use this ridiculously loud grinder in the morning. That works to wake you up more than the caffeine, in my opinion. Anyway, I decided to order them some.

It was on sale, 5.50 per lb. So I put 4lbs in my cart. When I went to check out, my cart was empty. So I did it again, paid and went to bed. Granted, it was like 10pm when I closed it out. Well, as I was nursing the baby at 6am this morning, I thought, ooh, I don't know that I got the whole bean. SHoot, I think I clicked ground. So at like 8 am (central time) I called them to change my order and IT WAS ALREADY SHIPPED!

I was so mad!

Me and Little Critter.

Oh my gosh. Hello?? Didn't Dunkin Donuts get the memo? You are supposed to take a long time to ship stuff, especially around Christmas!

So, the only thing to do is refuse the package and then I'll be credited and then reorder. They said the store won't trade. Ugh.

Well, at least they are efficient.

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