Friday, December 29, 2006

Still Sick

Silas and Hattie are still sick. They didn't have fevers so much today, just really bad sore throats. They would just cry when they would go to swallow or drink. Forget eating. They didn't eat enough today to amount to anything. And Hattie simply can't afford to NOT eat, she's so small.

Luke had no reactions to his shots. YAY!

In other news...

My nephew Elijah B peed in the potty today. Great job, buddy! Tell mommy NOT to scare you next time and maybe you will pee more than a tablespoon's worth.

It has snowed here all day today. So, we've got a good 3-4 inches. Silas is dying to make a snowman. Mawmaw (Jody's mom) sent him a snowman making kit for Christmas, complete with scarf, hat, pipe, plastic carrot nose , buttons, etc. If he feels better, we are going to make a snowman tomorrow. And go sledding.

One more thing, just for the love of my life...GO GEORGIA BULLDOGS! Tomorrow at 7pm central time.

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Mylinda said...

Hi Emily! I enjoyed reading your blog and, boy, can I relate! (Except for the snow, of course! No snow in Miami, much to my son's chagrin.) I think blogs are great for two things: keeping people updated on our lives and therapy! :-) Enjoy the snow and if you have spare time, you can check out my blog, too.
Happy New Year to all of you!