Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Pirate, The Parrot, and The Drooler

My sister-in-law said my life is a comedy. Sometimes it really is. Sometimes its just funny because I have to laugh so I don't go nuts.

Silas is the pirate. Its always something with him. Today the pirate had a friend over from school, he was a cowboy. (our first time having a friend over with no parent and it went very well). I took the kids outside to the playground because it was so nice outside. A genuine heatwave, 45 degrees at the high. I looked over and saw the pirate digging furiously in the dirt. I said, what are you doing??? He said, a pirate needs to be dirty and he showed me his finger nails filled with dirt.

Hattie is the parrot. Literally. She mimics everything. Everything. If I say darn-it, I hear it again. If Silas screams, Where's my socks? Hattie wants to know, Where my socks? The Wonder Pets say "teamwork" and Hattie says "teamwork". (That's a show on Nickolodean)

Luke is obviously the drooler. I think he must be getting teeth. But man, he can soak some clothes. My clothes, his clothes, the arm of the chair...At least he's not spitting up like he was last month.

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Jerre said...

I love your stories, they always make me smile, maybe one day I'll have a blog.