Monday, December 11, 2006

My Dream

Jody says not to write about this b/c its "terrible". But I'm going to anyway.

I had a dream last night. You know how dreams go. I don't usually remember any dreams and if I do, they are very vague. Like this one. But I can usually trace them to some random thought I had the day before.

Let my tell you the thought I had first. As I was doing the dishes, I asked Jody, "What if I stopped doing the dishes altogether? What would happen?" So that led to the thought of what would happen if I wasn't around.

I dreamed that I left my family. (I would have to be a lunatic to do this, b/c I've got it pretty good) But in my dream, I left Jody and the kids. And I was spying on them. The baby was crying, Silas was zoned into the TV, and the dishes were piling up out of the sink. Poor guys.

Wow. If nothing else, they need me to wash the dishes, feed the baby and turn off the TV. I don't know that Jody, Silas and Hattie would get too hungry, being that none of them eat very much.

When I told Jody I dreamed that I left them, he didn't want to talk about. I think he needs me! No, I know he does. But sometimes during the mundane or endless crying (or laundry or dishes...) I wonder.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE being Jody's wife and the mother of Silas, Hattie and Luke. I really do. Its the best job in the world.