Friday, December 8, 2006

O Christmas Tree

We were so excited to get a REAL tree this year. The kids have never had one. Up here in North Dakota, the trees are not horribly expensive. We got a nice looking 7 footer for $28.88. We decorated it and were just so proud.

Come to find out, the apt building doesn't allow real christmas trees b/c of fire hazards!

How did they find out?

The pine needle trail to our front door.

Jody asked if we could keep it if we didn't use the lights. THey said no.

We haven't taken it down. I'd like to wait till they tell us one more time.

But here's my thing...

Its like everything else. Why suddenly is that a hard fast rule. I know the hazard. I know its always been a hazard. ISn't that my choice? Besides, I am going to everything I can to NOT have a fire. Believe me, I don't want to run out of my apt into the butt-cold with 3 little kids! I don't want to replace a bunch of stuff.

We bought new lights. I keep it watered.

My dad thinks the same thing about seatbelt laws. He thinks they should not MAKE us wear seatbelts. That should be our choice to put our lives in danger, not law-enforcement's. I'd wear my seatbelt even if it were not a law. I'd put my kids in carseats if it were not the law (most of the time anyway).

Now here's the other dilemma. I spent $30 on a tree! My plan was to buy a good fake tree after Christmas. 50% off! The LAST thing I want to do is pay full price for something that I KNOW is going to be at least 50% off in less than 3 weeks. Ugh!!! So if I do have to take down my real tree, I've decided to get a small fake one, and get a big fake one after Christmas. I did see 2 trees for sale in the paper this morning.

What a bummer!

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