Saturday, December 9, 2006

Dakota Zoo

Ok, guys. This is very funny.

A HEATWAVE came thru and we were in the 40's today. So we decided to make a family outing out of the day.

First we went to mall. Not only was Santa there, but there were also 2 of his reindeer! Really. 2 live reindeer (also known as caribou) in a big pen in the middle of the mall. Silas and Hattie were thrilled.

After lunch, we headed over to the zoo. This was our first trip there, and we've heard a lot about it.

Saturday's with Santa (that's what it said in the newspaper). After petting some goat and mini-horses, we went to meet Santa in the Discovery Center. Well, since we met Santa at the mall, he was not the main event. The rats, snakes, tortoises, etc were way more important. Hattie fell off a chair and has a gooses egg on her forehead.

I thought we were done. Please, there's snow on the ground. I thought goats were the main attraction. I was wrong. SO we proceeded around the zoo. (I forgot the stroller and baby carrier, so we had Luke's carseat on a little zoo stroller and the other two walked or we carried.

What animals can survive in North Dakota outside? Here's a list of what we saw today (up close and personal):

  • deer (mule and white-tail)
  • bison
  • camels (the 2 humped hairy ones from Russia)
  • elk
  • reindeer (caribou)
  • Clydesdale horses
  • porcupines
  • racoons
  • otters
  • fox
  • wolves
  • GRIZZLY bears
  • mountain lions
  • bobcats
  • moose
  • antelope
After we finshed walking around the zoo, we went to pet the goats one more time. Hattie has figured out that they want food. Since she likes to look but not touch (why is she NOT like that with other stuff??) she sticks out her hand at this goat that jumped up on the fence to get closer to us and says, NO FOOD!

It was great. YOu can buy a season pass for the whole family good for a year for $50. I think I'll give that to Silas as a birthday gift this year!!

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