Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sick Kids

Sick kids are the worst! Its just pitiful. Hattie woke up from her nap Wednesday with a fever. She came running out of her room at 10:30 pm, still with fever. At about 4:30am, Silas called and he had a fever.

So the day continued. BOth of them kept fevers most of the day.

We had to go out. Big Luke had his 4 month dr's appt. After the dr's appt and a few other things, we went to Walmart. I needed tylenol and ibuprofen. Silas and Hattie were in one of those carts with the 2 big grey seats. They were just lethargically sitting there. The baby was dozing in the carseat in the other part of the cart. This lady commented while we were getting yogurt, WOW, your kids are so well-behaved!

I said, thanks. But they aren't usually like this, they don't feel good.


But it was an easy trip to Walmart.

Both kids went to bed with fevers and were asleep before 7. Luke is doing fine after his 3 shots. Not great, but ok.

I hope tomorrow they all feel better.

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Josh Via said...

Emily, thanks for adding us as a link. Hope your kids get better soon. We think Areyna's getting something too.
love you guys.
josh and tasha