Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pressing on

Well, my day started off kind of like yesterday.

I finally got us all in the car in time for Silas to be ON TIME, and as I was leaving our parking lot, I was like, something looks funny. Oh, I forgot my glasses. Dummy. I'm not blind, like my sister or sister-in-law, so I kept on going. Besides, with all the snow on the ground, you have to drive slow anyway.

I was helping Silas change from his snowboots to his tennis shoes, when I realized I made him put on MY socks this morning. WHoops.

But the rest of the day was routine. Hattie's really showing off her sin nature. Man. She is stubborn. She had at least 4 fits today.

My mom forwarded me this link from the Baptist Press, its from the commissioning service in Albuquerque. Of all people, JOdy and I got a pic in there. Don't ask me how that happened. I didn't even know someone was taking pictures.


Karen said...

I totally understand the sin nature coming out. My sweet Hayden is LONG gone and another child has taken his place.

Judi said...

I know how you made the BP---you two are the BEST!!! (of course I am not proud or nothing just because Jody is my son and you are the best daughter-in-law ever!!!) Keep up the good work! And don't worry about Hattie--she will come around!(Jody did! ha! ha!)