Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Aunt Joy

Pray for my sister Joy this week. She's at a group home in Tennessee, checkin it out. She called and said she missed me. I know she likes it there, but I know she's missing home...to say she's missing me, IN NORTH DAKOTA. Ha. But I miss her so much. I can't wait till she visits us.

Silas was very sick today. High fever, at one point 104.3. He's been so pitiful. He couldn't go to school and he cried. We won't be going to MOPS tomorrow either. Poor baby.

Ryan is baking a cheese cake here. Actually its his second attempt. He's going for the perfect one. Its been baking a while, but not browning. He's getting advice from all over the room. I can't help, I've never made a cheese cake. But if this one is no good, I guess he'll let me sample it too. Ha. I LOVE cheese cake. Mom, remember the pumpkin cheese cake you made me for my 18th birthday? Yum...

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Karen said...

Could you e-mail me Joy's e-mail? I would love to send her pictures of the boys.