Monday, March 5, 2007


I just finished one of my ALL time favorite snacks(#1 on my list). Here's a "Few of My Favorite Things..." (hum the song...)

1. Dark chocolate. The darker the better.
2. Cheese-its - need I say more??
3. Milkshakes. Totally inherited this from my mom who got it honest from her dad.
4. Brownies. The box kind is just about as good as any homemade variety.
5. Oreo's. I wish you could just buy the cookie's w/o the cream. But my kids love that I share my cream.

Now, you tell me, what's some of your favorites. "I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't bad". Not that I'm feeling bad, I just love to think about dark chocolate...


Kathy Hills said...

#1 Has to be potato chips and onion dip.

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

1. Chocolate chips and peanuts
2. Fresh fruit
3. Ice cream (by its self)
4. Brownies or cake
5. OREOS and milk
6. Popcorn
Man, this is making me hungry!!!

Jen said...

I love dark chocolate, but I think if I could have any candy, it would be peanut butter m&ms! Cheezits makes a snack mix that Bailey and I have completely devoured in a matter of hours before.

That's funny about your mom and milkshakes! Jake and I went to lunch at Zaxby's with your mom and dad and Joy one Sunday after church when I filled in on piano at Pebble Creek. Our lunchtime conversation centered around milkshakes and where you could buy a milkshake that they used real ice cream! Deborah is passionate about her milkshakes :o)

Karen said...

My newest favorite is Smores sandwich crackers by Ritz (although I just found Target's brand recently they are just as good as the brand name ones)
I love chocolate chips and peanuts too! It's so funny to find that out on your blog when she lives NEXT DOOR!

Jed said...

My favorite thing of all time is the Little Debbie Christmas Trees... I absoulutely love them...I can hardly wait til November when they come out.O wait I just realized I won't be here when they come out..I'll be in the Philippines..Maybe my mom will ship them..I also love the "squirty cheese" in a can with Ritz crackers, and these new meatballs I learned how to do in a crock pot with nothing but cocktail sauce...I know it sounds gross...but they are awesome!!!

elliesmommy said...

.candy corn mixed with peanuts.
.orange slices.
.sopapilla cheesecake.
.homemade reece cups.

Mylinda said...

I know I'm a little late on this, but I'm gonna add my two cents anyway. I think my favorite is carvel ice cream cakes, especially the all-chocolate kind! A close second would include non-microwave popcorn. And, funny enough, I'm liking dark chocolate more and more as I get older.

Amanda Lee said...

1-I have to agree with you Emily, Chocolate is at the top of the list. Dark Chocolate is my favorite too, but I would never turn down another variety either.
2- Fresh Fruit!!! Dried fruit is good too
3-Cereal (In college I used to have a bowl almost every night)
4-Ice Cream, especially the Edys Slow Curned French Silk. It is amazing.
5-Hummus with Carrot sticks (celery or green pepper works great too)
6-Popcorn, air popped drizzled with olive oil