Thursday, March 22, 2007

Snow-Goose Fajitas

People here hunt a lot. They keep their freezers full of game. Jody has only gone pheasant hunting since we've lived here...but he certainly plans on going more often and for different game.

One day, our friends Scott and Stacy gave us some Snow-Goose Fajitas. It was little strips of the meat frozen in a marinade. I cooked them tonight and it was delicious.

I'm surprised at myself for saying it, honestly. I'm the girl who would pray that my dad would NOT shoot anything on his hunts. (I was pretty successful with those prayer for a while too). I just couldn't stand the thought of killing the poor animals. But now my thoughts have changed a little.

Do you know that a lot of grocery stores where we buy meat inject water in the meat to make it look like theres more? DO you remember that 20/20 type special on Food Lion, where the butcher dpt was mixing old expired meat with the newer stuff? (How can I forget??? I remember sitting in my 10th grade health class about to throw up. ) Plus living overseas for the last few years and eating or trying to eat that meat...I almost became a vegetarian.

Now, my thoughts on game/fowl/etc is that its much healthier for my family. My kids think its pretty fun to eat Snow Goose some exotic animal. (it did take some explaining to Silas that I was not saying we were having SNOW BOOTS for supper). I need all the help I can get to get food into my kids, they are so darn picky these days. Plus, hunting is very economic.

I'm not ready to go out and shoot something myself. Although my friend, Lisa, kills her limit of deer (one) ever year and stocks her freezer up. But I'm about to send Jody off to bring home some more Snow Goose fajita mix.

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