Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Bone of Terror

Silas got a birthday present from MawMaw today. IT was a little set of dinosaurs and cavemen. I have no idea where he comes up with some of the stuff he says, but I over-heard him telling Hattie about the "bone of terror" and the "bone of goodness". LOL. She just listens to him as if what he is saying is going to change her life.

Hattie is becoming extremely emotional and verbal at the same time. I don't know how many times a day you can hear her say, "I mad at you" or "I angwi" or "I so excited". She's so helpful now that I have too much help. Like when today she gave Lukey a bite of her ham and cheese quesadilla and said, "I feed Lukey. It so nice a me".

Luke is becoming the resident pig. I don't know if I can keep Cheerios in stock in the pantry the way he shoves them in his mouth. Kix, tortilla pieces (plain, w/o ham), rice cereal, bananas, baby food, stuff on the floor...I don't know how to keep him full, poor guy. He's surrounded by non-eaters.

But Silas and Hattie have been eating, anyway. We (Silas, Hattie and I) ate 2 apples, one orange, one quesadilla, one chicken breast, dry cereal, salad...who am I kidding. My kids don't eat much. But today was better than most days.

Jody's gone until Monday. We already miss him, but today was a good day. I hope tonight is a good night.

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