Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Poor Jody

It's unbelievable. Jody got to the airport in plenty of time. So he got on the earlier flight. But after they boarded, they deboarded b/c one of the engines wouldn't start. I think they boarded one or 2 more times before the passengers decided to try and get on Jody's original flight. Of course that one was full at that point. (It ended up that the later flight had engine problems too). Jody got a new route, thru DENVER. He's still not home. I think he'll arrive sometime after 9pm. I'm not sure, I hope he calls when he lands in Denver.

I'm planning on putting the kids to bed and giving my across the hall neighbor, Megan, the baby monitor to listen out while I go and pick Jody up. I don't know, I may bring Luke with me.

But we did have a good day. We went to the Library for story time. I love it. I mean it is cheesy as all get out, but the kids love it. Then the rest of the day we are all singing this annoying...bye bye baby one baby two baby three, bye bye bye bye...ugh.

My super friend Lisa came over with her girls. She's such a great friend. She vacuumed my living room, picked up toys, and more. She's always so willing to help her frazzled unorganized mother of 3 crazy monster kids friend.

Oh, I also drove to our new house with Lisa. (Lisa is OBSESSED with moving and houses and stuff like that). We went in the house where the dry wall crew was there. I am getting so excited, its starting to to look really good.

So, the kids are so disappointed that daddy isn't home yet, but I told them they can just call "DADDY" when they wake up in the morning. LOL.

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