Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Light at the End of the Week

Yay. I am so excited. Jody is coming home tomorrow afternoon. We are all excited. I think he's going to bring me a chick-fil-a too. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait.

But he had a great visit with him family in Georgia. Silas was so jealous that his dad got to be with HIS cousins. Jody also caused problems for his sister, Jerre, when he had Colson (Jerre's youngest) convinced that he could come up for Silas's Costume Bithday Party. I WISH, Colson.

But over all, this week of single-parenthood hasn't been TOO awful. I've made it. Even though we suffered a bloody nose, falling off the bed, a bloody lip, and short nights we survived. I didn't go crazy or hurt a child. Thank you Lord.

We are expecting "spring-like" weather beginning Thursday. That's going to be awesome.

I made a chicken pot pie for supper tonight. I always make too much. But it was good and it makes good leftovers.


Jen said...

did you get your chick fil a yet? glad jody's coming home. tell him i said hello!

Jerry said...

All those problems Jody had were just minor set-backs. You guys won't even remember them when you get Irene's age. ha ha I'm sure he's home now, and the fearsome threesome is happy, but Colson is probably wondering what is going on. Remembrances of Avery one day, like at the Wedding, huh? Like Avery, Colson will grow out of it. I think it's so nice to be loved like that by all the Kins. Y'all are blessed, in that regard. You guys could have a great ministry with the young kids, couldn't you? Love yall, and I was happy to be with Joe that little while, even tho he beat me in ping pong. Just tell him that it may not happen again----so enjoy. Have a great weekend. From the Alabama traveler. Jerry Ben ( Dad or Pops or whatever) PS Enjoy the weather this weekend. It may not last long. It's going to be 75 here today. C U Soon.