Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sour Puss Face

Jody thinks I'm mean, but I think what I'm about to tell you is FUNNY.

Babies get to a grabby stage. They want food, paper, whatever they can get to and of course it goes straight in the mouth. Well, when my kids start getting this way, I hand them a lemon slice. I just LOVE the sour puss face. I die laughing. Let me tell you it is hysterical. I did this with Silas and Hattie, so why would I skip Luke's turn??

But he let me down.

He was like a stoic Norwegian.

He didn't even blink.

He had NO sour puss face.

In a way thats almost funnier.

This actually happened while we were in Albuquerque at a restaurant. Luke was being grabby and I handed him a lemon. Today we went out to eat with some friends after church. Lori was holding Luke and before she could stop him, Luke reached out and grabbed the lemon out of her drink and popped it into his mouth. Everyone was amazed because he never made "the face".


Darren said...

Yup... you're mean. ;-)

Marquita said...

Ha!!! That is so funny and gives me memories of little Darren trying a lemon while we were out to eat. No sour face for him either!!