Thursday, March 8, 2007

Jody's Blog

I'm so excited. Jody is starting a blog. He hasn't entered anything yet, I have the computer. I told him he should call it "Bald in Bismarck". But no. I guess he wants it a little more reputable. So its just Jody Jennings. Check it tomorrow, I know he'll blog tonight. I'm so proud.

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Anonymous said...

hey emily

glad you to see you on here! I'll definitely keep up with you and Jody. yeah...this guy is a wacko! Can you believe it? It must be because he's from Miami! haha!!

by the way...I'm about to start dating a girl who's smoking hot. She's a shoe in to win Miss Georgia. The only thing is she's 20 years old. Do you think that's a problem?? I need some good advice. Our parents are both for it! Just want an outside opinion!