Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Circus

Silas had his spring show today. It was great. The theme was the Circus (appropriate for the current theme at the Jennings home). His class showed their tricks in the pool and in the gym. Silas is NOT the most coordinated kid in the class...in fact, he quite the opposite. But where he lacks in athletic skills, he makes up for with personality. He jumped off the mat and spread his arms out wide and sang to the top of his lungs "Tada"...and the crowded roared. He loved it. Such the little performer, just like his daddy. He sang beautifully too, just like his Daddy. It was great. I've got a movie clip I want to post, so check back tomorrow, I have to see if Jody can figure it out because I can't.

The above pic is of the kids in their new camo hats from DeeDee and Pa. They were so proud, can't you tell??

So far, the survey on whether or not to cut Silas's hair is leaning on the no (maybe a trim) side. Have you voted??

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Jill said...

I vote for a trim