Friday, March 16, 2007

Headless Cinderella

Today we took a family road trip to Fargo/Moorehead. Its not close, but we needed to take our car to the Kia dealership over there, and I didn't want to be stuck at home with kids who have been cooped up all week b/c of sickness without a car, so we joined Jody. I'm sure he was thrilled about that.

While waiting on our van, we hung out at the mall. I'm sure Jody was thrilled about that too. Hattie's fever returned in full force. So I went to Walgreens with Hattie and Luke to get ibuprofen, while Jody stayed to watch Silas play in Dinosaur land. While at Walgreens, I found this little Cinderella figurine for $1. Hattie just loves Cin'rella, so I got it for her. We went to a couple more stores. In one of the stores, she dropped Cinderella. I picked her up and noticed the head was missing.

Under normal circumstances, Hattie would have cried buckets and howled at the moon, but in her delirious fevered state, I don't know that she even noticed. I busted out laughing and handed her the Cinderella body. She looked at it and then just held it like nothing was wrong. I'll glue her head on tomorrow.

I 've got to get to bed. Its been a long day. Wiping noses all day, trying to get the STUPID DVD player to play a whole movie. (that is a whole other blog, I'll have to tell you all about the STUPID thing I HATE with a passion...after today, it is no longer in our car, I'm so mad at it) The last several nights have not been good ones. (picture this from last night, Jody -- Feverish Hattie-- Me, making the shape of an H in our bed last night. ) Hopefully I'm going to be able to scrapbook with my friend Stacy tomorrow, if everyone remains feverless tonight.

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Darren said...

Aw.. hope everybody feels better soon. February/March was HORRIFIC for our ENTIRE FAMILY with the freakin' bug!! Or, like Jody would say, the STINKIN' bug! BBR!!!

Anyway... hope Hattie feels better soon... and hopefully you guys weren't making alphabets in bed again... :-) Although, if you were able to pull off a B-B-R, that would be really hilarious! HA!!