Monday, January 1, 2007

Finally some snow!

After it stopped snowing Sat. night, we had accumulated about 10 inches. Church was canceled. The roads couldn't be cleared in time.

But we had fun. Ok, Silas did. Hattie still wouldn't play in the snow. So, after a short attempt, I came in with Hattie and LUke. JOdy and Silas stayed outside for about 2 hours. They sledded a little down the hill at our apt complex and built a great snowman.

Today Silas was invited to a sledding party out of town. He and Jody went and had a great time. Hattie had a great time staying indoors. Ha!

School starts back up tomorrow...already.


Jerry said...

Em, I wonder who had the most fun in the snow, Silas or Jody!!! It sure looks like fun to me too! I love you and still miss you so much! Thank you soooo much for the pictures! JUDI

Jerry said...

Just me again....It looks like Luke is really going to have blue eyes! Yeah! JUDI