Wednesday, January 24, 2007

10 Important Things in the Jennings Home

  1. "silverware" with animals on the top (buy a pack of them at Big Lots)
  2. chocolate milk (or "chalk" milk if you're Hattie)
  3. HGTV (no lie, this is Jody's new pass time-- he's preparing for when we buy our first house)
  4. nap time
  5. early bed time
  6. books (we have to put a daily limit on how many we will read and when, to the kids, that is)
  7. Lulu Life (a thick lotion from Sudan, it great for our super dry skin)
  8. naming the dog we don't have yet (silas comes up with some doozies)
  9. 24 the TV Show
  10. making new friends


Karen said...

It must be a boy thing. Carter keeps coming up with names for a dog too!! His newest one is Theodore (he said it's the dog's name at his sunday school class... I'm going to have to find out about that one.)
I need to get some of that lotion for Hayden with this whatever rash/excema thing he has!

jroe and jill rose said...

You sure can tell we almost have the same family =) I remember when your stuffed animals and tweezers were very important to you...Funny how things change...