Wednesday, January 3, 2007


One thing I love about living here as opposed to the southeast is the brutal honesty that exists.

Today I took the kids to the YMCA. On the way out, it was a nightmare. I walked out of the child care with another woman with 3 boys. Somehow an extra little girl got mixed up in our mob. We sent her back in. Silas ran out ahead of me with one of the other ladies' little boys. That little boy's twin brother was trying to help Hattie get a drink from the water fountain. I had Luke, holding the door.

It took us a good 5 minutes + to get to our car. My other friend, Megan was there with her one little boy. She was watching the whole scene. She said, I don't know how you guys do this, with 3 kids.

The other lady said, "I'll be honest, I drink a lot". We all laughed.

That was just funny to me. She wasn't trying to impress anyone.

Another day, this other woman and I were watching Silas's class during swimming lessons. She said, "What the h--- is he doing?" then without missing beat, she turned to me and said, "Now where is the church that your husband is pastoring?"

Its so different from anywhere I've lived in a long time. Even in Uganda people were great pretend Christians. Here no even wants to pretend.

I'm just praying that we will continue to seize opportunities as they arise. That Jody and I would not grow weary of this constant job. Its a great job, being an ambassador for Christ.

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Mr. Dearybury said...

Thats so funny....I must work with Nodaks! There are all like that!!