Thursday, January 25, 2007


If you read Jill's comment to yesterday's post, you see that she reminded me that my stuffed animals and tweezers used to be important to me in college. So funny. Oh man, lol funny. Because...stuffed animals are still import to us. Not me specifically. But to my kids.

Today was Pajama Day at Silas's school. They got to wear pajamas, slippers and bring a stuffed animal or blanket with them. Silas wanted to bring Whiffer, his dog. But Whiffer's mouth has come unstitched. This happened a couple of weeks ago and I haven't gotten around to fixing him. Silas thought we needed to bury Whiffer. BUt I fixed him and he went to Pajama Day today. Both had a great time.

Ryan, our friend, gave Hattie a pink monkey from the Dollar Store, and she has played and played with that monkey. Dollar well spent.

As far as tweezers go, they are still VERY important. My parent's good friend, Chip Mokher, thinks the whole Boitnott family is nuts with the need for tweezers. Apparently when we were younger some big discussion came up about tweezers and its been a joke ever since. But they are important. Not just cosmetically.

For example, just Tuesday, Silas went into the bathr00m to soak these little sponge capsules in warm water so they would come out of the little plastic coating. Next thing I hear is "Oh no, mom. " THen crying.

Of course, the 2 little capsules went down the drain. If the dumb things weren't so important, I would have just not done anything. But, since I have a good pair of long tweezers, I was able to fish the 2 capsules out.

Also, once in Uganda, I lost my tweezers and Jody's dad brought some for me when he visited. I'm telling tweezers are important.

Thanks Jill, for reminding me that I forgot those 2 still important things to my list.

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