Saturday, January 27, 2007

More on Wednesday

Jody is going to a training in South Dakota tomorrow (Sunday) thru Wed. He's taking the computer, so I won't be posting for several days.

THink of me, I'll be trying my hardest to remain sane and patient with the 3 kids at home by myself. Silas doesn't have school this week. Its supposed to be very cold. We are starting MOPS on Wed. I can't decide if I will take all 3 kids to hockey and the library story times all by myself. Well, the library is no biggie, but hockey with all 3 kids Mon, Tues, and Wed...I don't think so. Maybe one day. I may be absolutely starved for adult conversation. Maybe I'll let Silas watch extra TV. I may HAVE to.

Pray that Jody will still get his studying in, so that when he gets home, he can spend some time with the kids and let me go out by myself.

Have a great few days, I'll miss posting.

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