Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Dat Sching"

This is Hattie's new phrase, "Dat Sching". It is used for everything. When she discovered a boo-boo on her knee today (from Tuesday's grocery trip) she said, Oh, look Mama, dat sching.

When she heard an airplane out the window she said, what dat sching? I hear it.

When Luke grabbed a bag from her, she said, he take dat sching.

I love toddler talk. My sister tells me that my nephew, Elijah is expanding his vocabulary suddenly. It does happen suddenly, it seems. Check out my college roomate's blog for what Yucky Thing she found in her daughter's room.

Well, we are off to our first birthday party. Shane, from Silas's class is having his party at a local pizza place and we are all going.

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Melanie from long ago said...

When my siblings were toddlers, they made up the word "vasicated" (that's with a short i). It meant something like tired, as it they couldn't walk and had to be carried because their "legs were vasicated." It was hilarious.

I appreciate the blog - I just (finally) looked it up.