Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Jody grew up playing all kinds of little league type sports; baseball, football, basketball. He has great memories of it all. Now he is SO proud that Silas is starting to play hockey. There's a free hockey clinic for kids under 5. We took the kids twice this week. Silas is catching on quickly. Hattie is giving it a good try. They lent us skates. Jody got Silas a helmet and "breezers", which are hockey leg pads.

The cool thing is it takes place Mon, Tues, and Wed 11:45-12:30. So there are lots of Dads there too. We are very excited to have found this. I'll have to take pictures next week and post them.

Tomorrow the high is 7 degrees. Yes, just a plain 7 with no other numbers on either side.

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