Friday, January 5, 2007

My Bed

When we came home from Uganda, we didn't really own anything. So there were some things we needed first a bed. Thankfully other things fell in too. My cousin, Kaylin, gave us a couple of chairs, a little armoire, and a vacuum. My parents gave us a round table for the kitchen, a rocking chair, 2 dresser sets, and a big chair. JOdy's parents gave us another rocking chair and a little stool (handmade by Jody's grandad), a crib, and a tv. Oh and this sweet couple here in Bismarck gave us a couch. There's some more stuff here and there too (like toddler beds,

Anyway. Jody and my dad made us a queen size bed. Its SOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful. We love it. We bought a new mattress to go with it. It barely fits in our small bedroom here in the apt but that makes it all the more noticeable.

I'm attaching a picture to show you how proud I am of our bed.


Crystal Warlick said...


I used to go to church with Holly and Steven at Christ Covenant church in Shelby NC. I got the link to your site through Holly's site. Although I have met both of your sisters, I'm sure you are as delightful as they are. Your family is beautiful and so is the bed! Woodworking must run in your husbands family. I enjoy your site very much. Makes me wish I were still a stay at home mom with all of the challenges. Enjoy the little ones while you can, they grow up way too fast.

Thanks for sharing!

Crystal Warlick
Shelby Nc

jroe and jill rose said...

Your bed is beautiful! They did a great job. I am working on our blog to update it, so you can check it out now. It is