Friday, January 26, 2007


Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting anywhere here with making new friends. Its harder than I thought. Its like there is this invisible line that until I get there, I'll be lucky to get a hello nod. But once I get to that invisible line, I can't even excuse myself from a conversation.

Here's what I mean. There are a few moms from Silas's class that I didnt even think knew who I was. I gave it some good shots at trying to strike up conversations and they bombed. But this week 2 moms just suddenly noticed me and have struck up conversations with me. Silas's teacher started talking to me about her personal life one day when I dropped him off. During an exercise class at the Y, another 2 mom's came up to ME and started talking.

Tonight Jody, Ryan and I went out to eat the "Ground Round" with Tyler and Sara. JOdy met Tyler a couple of weeks ago. They hit it off and so they wanted me and Sara to meet. It was great. They are engaged. Pretty big partiers, but we found a lot in common and had a great time. Sara even has a brother much like my sister Joy.

So, this was a great week. God is throwing new relationships and friends in our lives all the time.

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