Monday, January 15, 2007

Beautiful Boy

Silas would be offended if he could read. He says boys are not beautiful, only girls are. Boys are handsome.

But Luke is beautiful, isn't he??

My Aunt Melanie makes great handmade quilts for all the new babies. Luke just got his today and it is so great. Its got a big farm in the middle and animals in the surrounding squares. The backing is this cool cow and pumpkins scene (I love orange and pumpkins) with a cow print border. Great job Mel-bel, I just love it.

She also sent a sweatsuit out fit for each kid. Hattie being such the girl, had to wear her "Dori" clothes. But she's not sleeping in them, and that's an accomplishment. She's opinionated.

Tomorrow, more hockey and hopefully pictures.

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Mylinda said...

Hey Emily,
Yes, he is a beautiful baby. :-) But, what I really wanted to tell you is that it was 83 degrees today in Miami. My girls were amazed at the -5 on the sign! Glad it's not Butt Cold here! Take care and stay warm!