Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mandeliver or deliver

This morning I gave the kids a couple of choices for breakfast. Silas said, "mom, you are supposed to say mandeliver or deliver." I could not follow him at all. I kept repeating what I thought he was saying, but I couldn't understand. And he was getting frustrated.

Finally here's how the conversation went:

Me: Silas, what does this mean, mandeliver?
Silas: Its from Nemo, mom.
Me: Ok. What part?
Silas: I don't know.
Me: Who said it?
Silas: Marlin and Marlin's wife.

(I'm thinking...Marlins wife isn't in the movie long...)
Me: Oh. Did your man deliver or did he deliver? My man delivered.
Silas: Yes, mom. That's it.

Ok. That was just random. I still don't know where that come from with the breakfast. I guess mom delivered a good breakfast.


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Isn't a kids thought process great!! Its things like that make you crack up!