Thursday, January 11, 2007

Speech improvements

If you know Silas, you know he is unbelievably talkative. He always has been very verbal. But he also has always had some speech problems. Hard consonants like c, g, k, etc just don't come out right. He also has a funny habit of focusing some sounds thru his nose.

So here in North Dakota, there is a great program that helps kids with different disabilities. Silas takes speech therapy once a week. We haven't seen any improvement...until today. The therapist came to me with Silas and was so excited. While using a tongue depressor, he can say the hard K sound. Car, key, candy. It was great.

Also, I gave Silas a haircut. He was in dire need. Its been about 5 months and it was getting pretty long. So I got out my scissors and started cutting. He loves haircuts. He sits real still. His hair is pretty easy to cut too, since its curly.

Hattie also wanted a haircut. She got up on the stool and said, cut hair mine. But after I combed it, she wanted to get down. I'm glad. I'm not ready to cut hers. I don't know how to cut hers, it parts funny. Plus, I want it to get long.

Tomorrow I'm planning on writing an entry entitled Butt Cold #2, since the high today was -2.

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Jerry said...

I am sooooooooooo proud of Silas and his speech improvement!! I bet his new haircut is cute too. I can't wait until tomorrow's entry however---was it REALLY -2?!! I think you all had betterget back down south before you completely turn into iceburgs!!! I love you! JUDI